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Master bladesmith. One of the most skilled and experienced knife makers in the Baltic States. Has had a passion for blades since childhood. Learned the craft as an apprentice to a master bladesmith for 10 years. Studied history and has done extensive research in historical blades and techniques, focusing on Damascus and pattern welded steel in Scandinavian Viking weapons – swords, knives, and arrow blades. Designer of the knives that are being made by the crew.


Master bladesmith. Comes from a multigenerational family of bladesmiths.
Learned the craft from his grandfather and father since he was a boy. Continues the craft of bladesmithing and teaches it to the next generation.


Master bladesmith. Started his career as a bladesmith in 1990. Learned
this medieval craft in the smithy “The three smiths” in Tallinn. Thanks to the
five smiths who worked there for giving him the basic knowledge of
smith work. Also has gained experience in Austria working with Walfrid Huber
and worked in Hungary with different, local masters. In the beginning of

2001 visited master bladesmith Halle Groenling in Lillehammer
(Norway), where he gained more knowledge about making tools for building
wooden houses – axes, chisels, and drawknives. Well known bladesmith in


Master carpenter. Born into a family of carpenters. Worked also as a
timber framer, log builder, cabinet maker. Has a passion for hand
tools and traditional techniques of woodworking. Grew up near
the forests around the woodland areas of rural Latvia.


Master carpenter/leather craft. Founder of John Neeman Tools.

Designer of all the woodworking tools (chisels, axes, drawknives) that
are being made by the crew by deeply researching the history of hand
tools. Learned the crafts from local masters. Studied culture,
ethnography and history of traditional woodworking and wooden
architecture and building techniques in rural areas of Scandinavia and the
Baltic States. Has had a love of the wood and leather crafts since his
childhood days. Spent many years with his grand father, the village carpenter, in his workshop making wooden furniture. Has a passion for traditional crafts and hand tools, especially log buildings and timber frames.

***Music for this video originally composed and performed by Jacob – a carpenter and founder of the John Neeman tools***

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