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justin bieber

Pop musician Justin Bieber is from Canada and definitely a household name. He was born March 1st, 1994. He actually become well known when his self-made videos on YouTube got the attention of Scooter, Braun, a talent manager, in 2008. When he spoke with Bieber he was impressed to learn he had no professional vocal training and had taught himself how to play an array of instruments.

His debut album was released in 2009 and went platinum in the USA. At one time, he had 7 singles from that album on the top 100 chart. This was something no other artist has ever accomplished. By 2010 he had won numerous awards and by 2012 he had sold over 15 million albums.

His parents were never married, but he was raised by a very loving mother with the help of his grandma. His father has been in his life and continues to be good friends with Bieber’s mom. The parents continue to do all they can to support their son with his musical career. In addition to enjoying music, he also enjoys a variety of sports. They include football, baseball, and soccer.

This young heartthrob has also made a splash when it comes to fashion. He has been linked to many clothing lines hair products, and even fragrances.  In 2011, he was linked to dating Selena Gomez, a popular singer and actress. They have had an on again, off again relationship and it seems that they aren’t together at this point in time.

Charity work is very important to him. He has been heavily involved in Pencils for Progress, a program to develop schools in countries around the world. He also promotes anti-abortion due to the fact that so many people tried to get his own mother to have an abortion when she was pregnant with him. He has also been involved in PETA projects.

Recently, it seems like there are some cracks in the Justin Bieber persona that he wishes to have all believe. He has had a few blowups with the media including pushing one guy and in another incident flipping off the camera. He has also had some issues with bad reviews of concerts due to being ill on stage and even coming on stage a few hours late. It may be time for him to take a break and slow down so that he doesn’t peak before his time.

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