Kasparo is an ambitious manufacturor and design studio with its own woodworking shop.

Since the beginning our project has been inspired by wood as a natural resource, and a desire to combine it with other materials. Our idea has been driven by the fact that on the current table market products which are unique and exceptional are a niche. Kasparo is a fresh breeze in the furniture industry. Kasparo is a globally unique brand, and its main concern is to co-exist in harmony with nature.

The extraordinary design of created products is inspired by balance which can be found in the forest, in the sea or in the mountains. Kasparo uses nature’s greatest gifts and at the same time takes care of the balance in nature. Kasparo is targeted to people who are aware of the value and advantages of natural resources and at the same time to those who care about the future of nature. This awareness will be also built by the certificate with location data of the tree that will be planted as a result of purchase. As a result our customers will join the community of people who support preserving our natural resources by planting trees. Kasparo is a new, exquisite style addressing future trends, praising the past at the same time. Our products are truly unique which will be proven by a certificate. Such a document will be attached to every purchased table.


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