Feeling lethargic is never, ever easy especially when exhaustion gets pretty usual when by the time you wake up to the moment you get home from work at night you already are low in energy. Some people may call this situation the “spring fever” or getting so sick after pigging out on the winter season.

Experts say this is just cleanse away also known as the spring tonic where people can go on a vacation for a spring clean and relaxation for couple of weeks each year. This has been a routine for most people in America and Europe as well where herbs are highly used in dishes and baths. In fact, spring cleaning has been celebrated by people since the early centuries!

And today, this is called detoxification. This is how modern investigation nowadays has found out relevant benefits with regards to spring cleaning, its rapid results and effectiveness to health. The body indeed has its own self-cleansing capabilities but since we can accumulate toxins over a period of time especially during the winter, it may not be able to support the vital organs too much and so it’ll need help from us. What you can do is to learn how to support them with “natural” cleansing. Though, cleansing is not only a simple bowel cleanse. Real cleansing should target entire system of the body including the liver and kidneys, deep tissues, the skin and the lymphatic system and lungs.

Also, not all cleansing is a medication away as there are various complications that go behind it. By now you should go through the little beginnings – herbs also known as the depurative plants can have better cleansing capabilities.

Now, Where To Start?

You can take for example trying to begin with Burdock herb. But having a little knowledge on its good and bad sides, you may not know that it definitely pulls out toxins out of the body but then it may also dump them into the bloodstream in certain aspects so proper dosage is a must. That’s not going to be a problem anyway because there are still others which have been used in the old times and have been effective until now for spring cleaning remedies. Other than Parsley and Uva ursi, there’s this herb called Couch Grass.

Couch grass (also known as crab or twitch grass)

It is a French spring tonic under the scientific name Triticum repense where herbal teas made of couch grass roots are said to have unpleasant taste but then it’s been a classic drink in France given to patients as alternative medicine. Despite its unlikable taste, it has various benefits that’s recognized as aid in kidney and liver drainer. Also, quick remedies are just made of handful of chopped fresh couch grass simmered in ½ liter of water for around 20 minutes and then allowed to steep again for another 10 minutes.

This tea or ideal detox “food” for the kidney and liver has been highly recognized by Swiss naturopath, Dr. Alfred Vogel as it stimulates the liver’s cleansing capabilities as well as promotes the body’s natural immunity to fight against diseases easily and for long term. One of the said reasons why couch grass is considered a great spring tonic is through its power to increase the number of red blood corpuscles and hemoglobin in the blood which in return improving the transport of oxygen to the cells great for repairing. Additionally, French research has shown that it regenerates and renews interstitial fluids which act as deep tissue restorer while the herb affects at its best.

How To Make Couch Grass Tea?

To make this herbal root tea, use 2 teaspoons of dried and cut root per cup of water. Slowly boil and simmer. The tea is recommended to be taken three times a day for best results. Also, it’s good to soothe inflammations especially in the mucosal linings in the throat, urinary tract and the stomach. It may loosen release of phlegm and speaking easier for instance when suffering from laryngitis.

To treat kidney-related infections such as problems in urinary tract, couch grass can also be combined with other diuretic herbs for rapid treatment. Herb combination can include Uva ursi, Cornsilk and Buchu.

Source by Irene Krey