Does Leptorexin Work?

Leptorexin promises six things, to lose fat fast, detox your body, eliminate acne, feel the “euphoric high”, suppress your appetite, and build lean muscle. That sounds really good but before we go buy a lifetime supply of Leptorexin, let’s take a closer look at Leptorexin.

What’s in Leptorexin?

Leptorexin contains many proven ingredients. The best ingredient you are going to find in Leptitex is green tea.

Green tea is as good as it gets as far as weight loss and overall health is concerned. It not only is a powerful anti-oxidant but it also is a great appetite suppressant. Not all green tea is the same however. The key is to look for the amount of EGCG’s (active ingredient in green tea) if it is low the tea isn’t going to do a lot for you. Leptorexin’s green tea is full of EGCG’s, which is a good sign.

Another clinically proven ingredient in Leptorexin is forslean. Besides being an effective fat burner, Forslean also promotes lean body mass. This makes it easier to keep off the weight you have already lost.

Other quality ingredients found in Leptorexin include superfoods, acai and cayenne. Acai and cayenne both act similarly to the now banned Ephedra but without the side effects. There are also a number of vitamins and minerals in Leptorexin, which are great for overall health but aren’t going to help you lose a whole lot of weight.

Scientific Research on Leptorexin

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any scientific research on Leptorexin itself but there are numerous studies out there on the ingredients in Leptorexin. Most of them are positive. While almost all the studies back up the ingredients as being beneficial for weight loss, the evidence isn’t as conclusive as far as eliminating acne is concerned.

Is Leptorexin Safe?

There are no known side effects with Leptorexin. This is a result of Leptorexin containing few stimulants as well containing the “super foods.”

How Much Does Leptorexin Cost?

Leptorexin can be bought either on its website or on eBay for about $60. This isn’t the cheapest weight loss supplement but it is full of proven ingredients.

Are There Any Money Back or Satisfaction Guarantees?

Leptorexin offers a lifetime money back guarantee. Lifetime money back guarantees are rare in the weight loss industry and it shows that Leptorexin has confidence in their product.

Customer Testimonials for Leptorexin

I bought my first bottle of Leptorexin nearly four months ago and I have lost nearly 25 pounds. Better yet, I feel like I am stronger than I have ever been. Thanks Leptorexin! Steven Donahue

I had been looking for a fat burner that worked for months and I hadn’t had any success until a friend told me about Leptorexin. I’ve only been using it for barely over a month and I have lost sixteen lbs! I am extremely excited and only need to lose nine more pounds to achieve my weight loss goal. Lauren Hunt

I took Leptorexin with the hope of losing fifteen pounds in a month. I only lost eight pounds although I noticed by skin cleared up considerably. Leptorexin is OK but not the greatest. I sent back my empty bottle and they gave me a full refund. Susan Allred

Leptorexin Conclusion

They really covered all the bases with Leptorexin. Quality Ingredients, check, Effective Fat Burners, check, Proven Appetite Suppresants, check, Lifetime Guarantee, check, Safe, check. Leptorexin may not have the potency to help you lose thirty pounds in a month (but then again no safe weight loss supplement does) but it could surely help you lose anywhere from ten to twenty pounds.

Source by Kaiya Diaz