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It’s inspiring what Sweets Wright does for the community, a community she loves and cherishes. Above and beyond with true aloha with a real human connection is one way to describe her.

This video is only a brief highlight of how she is one with her community.

// The word pewa can mean fishtail, but it is also the term for a traditional Hawaiian woodworking
technique known as a butterfly joint. If a crack forms along the side of the wooden surface of a bowl
or a canoe and is allowed to continue on its path it will compromise the integrity and strength of the
wood, rendering the object useless. However, if the defect is caught in time, strategic placement of
one or more pewa along the crack will strengthen the wood with prodigious results, bringing back
function and use to the bowl or restoring the canoe to sea worthy condition. //

Song: Keeshaʻs Lullabye (Instrumentals)
Artist: Ryan Huston

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