The Lincoln Project, formed as a response to Donald Trump’s takeover of the GOP, is offering fresh warnings amid the former President’s attempted political comeback.

It begins again” was released Tuesday to a select audience, airing on Fox News and MSNBC in Washington and West Palm Beach, the latter of which is Trump’s home market. It will also run digitally around the Florida Governor’s mansion, Mar-a-Lago, Republican National Committee headquarters and the Capitol.

“It’s America or Trump,” a narrator contends, advancing the proposition that, just like in 2020 when Joe Biden was the bulwark against Trumpism, 2024 would require a similarly stalwart defender.

Such a defender would not be in the Republican Party, according to the ad. In the GOP, “weaklings and losers” like the pictured Ron DeSantis and Ted Cruz would capitulate, as would “business leaders” like Elon Musk.

“They’ll bend the knee and write the checks,” the narration contends.

The press, meanwhile, are just “there for the show,” and “ready to ‘both sides’ America to death.”

Americans who “put country over party” and “put differences aside to save this country,” such as the pictured former U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, are part of the way forward to “save” the country, the ad contends.

Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson offered an extended statement with further context for the ad, saying Trump “never left our radar. Even while many on the right and left declared him as, ‘The Former Guy,’ we recognized Trump was a persistent risk to the Republic and our democracy. He’s in, and we’re ready to help defeat him a second time.”

“Donald Trump wasn’t only the worst President in American history; he’s the most destructive towards the American Republic and its ideals of free and fair democratic elections,” Wilson continued, calling Trump’s term “an affront to decency, democracy, and sanity.”

Wilson also doesn’t see any intra-party threat to Trump imminent.

“Trump’s total control over the Republican Party is complete, with nearly 300 candidates on the 2022 ballot repeating his Big Lie about his 2020 loss and more than half of GOP voters believing Trump won. Trump will face no serious opposition in the Republican primary in 2024.”

See the ad below.

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