For liver detox, you may want to try Kombucha tea. Although this tea has been used China since 250 BC, it has only gained popularity in recent times in the Western countries. Kombucha tea is now known to aid in digestion, despite being a strange combination of bacteria and yeast that resembles fungus.

Kombucha tea assists in liver detox because it enables the liver to release more bodily waste by supplementing the already present glucuronic acid with more of the same. This helps to enhance the ability of the liver to function efficiently and eliminate waste. Kombucha tea can also improve circulation; thereby, allowing for the rapid and efficient elimination of waste.

Kombucha is best grown in a colony. Kombucha is a source of many cultures, organic acids, active enzymes, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. It contains acetic acid, which gives it a distinctive taste and smell. There are 7 other mild acids as well as B-vitamins.

Usually, part of an original colony is retained in a jar or vessel and allowed to continue growth. New layers of culture grow above the original culture. Do ensure that the new culture is light colored and smooth. If it has an odd color or texture, then the culture is likely to be already contaminated. Do not use this culture as it may pose a health risk.

You should therefore check to ensure that there is no mold growing on the top of the mixture. The mixture is prepared with sugar and black or green tea. It takes between one and two weeks for the process to be completed. Pieces of the culture can be taken off to start new colonies. The tea is then prepared by fermentation with green or black tea and the culture of living organisms.

Because of its popularity for liver detox, there are now many types and variations of the tea sold by vendors. Hence, you will need to purchase it from a reliable source or use proper procedure if you plan to make it yourself. Best is to also use organic version of the tea.

Due to the lack of awareness in the use and preparation, some people have reported allergic reactions, stomach problems, and jaundice, even though they had hoped to use the tea for liver detox. For these cases, it is suspected that the fermentation process may have not been administered properly. You will also need to take note of the cookware and crockery used while preparing this tea. There have been reports that some people made the tea in a ceramic pot that allowed the lead from the ceramic glaze to contaminate the product. Hence, it pays to be extremely cautious.

Apart from being able to assist in liver detox, Kombucha tea is said to be effective in stimulating relaxation. This makes Kombucha tea a wonderful natural alternative to other relaxation aides that involve stimulants. Most definitely, try a cup of Kombucha tea today for all the health and wellness benefits it provides!

Source by Sandra Kim Leong