You have heard it from your grandmother time and time again. Prune juice is good for you! It has been used for ages to clean out the body and make bowel movements more regular. For less than $5, you can experience a quick body detox. The only thing unappealing about this body detox, however, may be the taste.

Body Detox

Many folks of the older generation used to drink prune juice because they liked it. They also realized that it was a good way to detox your body. This juice has a lot of fiber. In fact, one glass of prune juice has so much fiber that drinking it will have you running for the bathroom in no time. You may not enjoy pooping all the time, but there is no need to be embarrassed. If you do not have a bowel movement on a regular basis, waste accumulates in your body. That is why a body detox is so important. The average person should pass a stool once a day. This sound like a lot, but in all actuality, you should have a bowel movement after each meal. If you only have to go every few days or even less than that, you may be constipated. The number one thing that this juice is known to do is help with constipation.

Prune juice is a good, safe body detox because it is also full of antioxidants, iron and other nutrients. Toxins affect your skin and your body’s health. The more toxins that are present in your body, the more complications you will experience. Antioxidants may help prevent cancer and have anti-aging properties. It is good for normalizing blood sugar levels as well.

Prune juice, as well as other sources of fiber, should be incorporated in to your diet. Although prune juice serves as a quick fix for a body detox, it is not a good idea to drink large amounts of it on a frequent basis. Too much prune juice can cause diarrhea or kidney problems. It is best to drink it in moderation, or to consume it occasionally when you need help regulating a bowel movement. Doctors do not recommend drinking this juice in high dosages. Believe me, one glass will do the trick!

Source by Jesse F. Smith