Partypoker pulled the plug on 16 bots in September, marking its lowest strike rate since taking on the cheats back in December 2018.

Partypoker bot statistics

Partypoker stops another 16 bots as it continues its quest to become online poker’s safest platform. (Image: DataDome)

In a press update released on October 8, the online poker operator said more than $10,000 had been recovered during the latest coup.

Breaking down the specifics, 13 poker bots were deleted from, while three accounts were taken offline.

In stopping the cheats, $9,338 was seized from bots, with an additional €3,368/$3,713 coming from their European counterparts.

Bots May Be Running for Cover

With more than $1.1 million reclaimed since December, Partypoker’s crackdown is having a positive effect. However, the latest stats are down on the previous poker bot raid.

In August, 48 fraudulent accounts were closed and more than $180,000 was recovered. The month before, the security team identified and executed 121 targets.

Overall, the number of poker bots taken offline by Partypoker now stands at 665.

Although a drop in kills could signify the security team is becoming less efficient, it’s also possible their tactics are having the desired effect.

When it employed a group of experts to tackle bots, Partypoker’s aim was to eliminate them from the network entirely. Despite being a tall order, September’s stats may be a sign that things are working.

Even though online poker bots are becoming more sophisticated, it’s unlikely there have been any major advancements since December. Put another way, a bot today is likely to be just as detectable as one from ten months ago.

Security Strategy Could Win Partypoker Fans

If that’s the case, Partypoker could be slowly weeding out the cheats and forcing them to retreat. In the battle for online poker supremacy, that could be a significant achievement.

Already this year we’ve seen PokerStars slip. According to the latest traffic reports, IDN Poker now tops the table with a weekly average of 6,600 cash game players.

Although PokerStars isn’t far behind on 6,000, the shift is a reminder that no operator’s position is secure.

With Partypoker pushing to become the safest, most player-friendly site out there, a dwindling bot population will help attract more users. What will be interesting to see is how things shape up in October and whether the cheats really are on the run.

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