MAC Foundation is pleased to announce the opening of its new office in the downtown of Singapore. The new building will host the business units that are used to expand business develop and software development. The new office space provides capacity for customer support, engineering, sales and services and leadership functions across the entity.

“We were fortunate to expand to Singapore. We really want to build the blockchain ecosystem and I don’t think we could have found a better location for our team. Our new location and enhanced operational efficiencies will help us continue to grow and develop to keep pace with our plans, allowing us to increase partnerships and exposure to our ecosystem along the way. MAC is going to bring the Future to the blockchain FAST!” said John , President of MAC Foundation.

Zhuang Ruipeng, CEO of MAC, very much recognizes that the company is setting a long-term goal, able to do things in a manner that will use our industry experience and resources to set MAC and the foundation up for long term development within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.


Mac is dedicated to building a brand new, highly efficient development system by utilizing a total ecological underlying development mode; it will be directly applied to business applications, using a high TPS with a stable and secured technical underlying to ensure the business application could run in a more efficient way.The Cross-chain asset circulation highway was built with a multi-chain consensus, multi-chain parallel, and NDPoS multi-chain atomic operation; MAC is a high-performance development platform, which is extremely convenient to be implemented and was created to be a world-class blockchain infrastructure; via the shared and unified multi-chain user system allowing access to the big user ecosystem of the blockchain world.


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