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The terrain is 10m data from USGS of The Grand Canyon just before it widens (36.3868804,-111.8592424). The real world size is 20km x 20km and the model scale is 1:100000. The piece is 20cm x 20cm x 5cm. The machine is a Freedom Machine Tool Patriot 4×8 (by DMS) . Total machine time was about 3 hrs.
Music: “I.O.U.” by @dahtrump.
Spektra bits by @amanatool are from @toolstoday #toolstodayprovidedproduct. Item numbers in the order that they appear:

46216-K 1/2” Downcut
RC-1108 60° V-Groove Insert
46216-K 1/2” Downcut
46292-K 1/8” Flat End
46284-K 1/8” Ball end
46290-K 1/16” Flat end
46282-K 1/16” Tapered ball end

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