Smit was invited to Scorlewald, an anthroposophic healthcare institution in Schoorl. The goal was to support self-sufficiency among resident artists, to improve artist visibility, and to create a product line to connect the institution’s workshops. Scorlewald has wood, ceramic, paper and metal workshops, plus a weaving mill and a farm.

Smit developed a brand called ‘Made by Scorlewald’, reorganized the workshops, and devised product lines to develop with the residents. The first product line is called ‘Aan Tafel’, a table set with products from five of Scorlewald’s workshops. A table set might include a vase, candleholders, a tablecloth, specially designed cutlery, and a chopping board made from winch waste wood. ‘Aan Tafel’ and the ‘Made by Scorlewald’ online shop will be presented at the Yksi expo during Dutch Design Week.

According to Smit, “Maximum use is made of everyone’s strengths. Their work, of which they are very proud, will finally have a platform.”

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