The plungers were back.

A week after a mystery person or group lined the 30th Street bike lane with 200 plungers to draw attention to safety concerns for cyclists, the ad hoc bollards again appeared on a Boulder road, this time on the street where a girl was hit by a vehicle on Wednesday.

Boulder resident Henry Koren said about eight to 20 painted plungers were used to create a sort of crosswalk on Lehigh Street Thursday morning, though city crews were already in the process of removing them when he biked past them.

“Whoever is doing this is a hero to a lot of people here, I think,” Koren said. “Captain Plunger! I was definitely cheering when I saw it.”

As with the plungers on 30th Street, Boulder crews quickly removed the plungers on Lehigh Street as well.

“Anything placed in the right of way illegally poses a hazard to pedestrians, cyclists and motorists,” Boulder spokeswoman Meghan Wilson said.

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