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Country fencer Matt Bird is using his woodworking skills to turn timber into art. Handy with a
chainsaw from a young age, Matt carves out of wood detailed sculptures. From a contest-
winning wizard to country roots inspired pieces, Matt’s sawn creations have each provided
him with a rewarding challenge that keeps him carving.

“It was an addiction, actually,” said Matt. “I just wanted to do another one and another one – I
was having a lot of fun.”

Growing up in the Gold Coast hinterland hills, Matt was taught by his father and grandfather
about the wildlife that surrounded him. The circling of the wedged-tailed eagle that left Matt
in awe as a young child still fascinates him today. His interest in this and other birds now
serve as a source of artistic inspiration for his chainsaw carvings.

“I love my eagles, honestly,” said Matt. “It’s just an awesome bird. I’ve always been interested
in birds in general, and this is my way of having them around me.”

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