Matt Gaetz reached out to his email list Wednesday with the question of the moment: “Are you ready for TRUMP 2024?”

Ready or not, that phenomenon is real, with former President Donald Trump making his third run at the White House official Tuesday night. Gaetz, Trump’s most high-profile Florida backer at this point, is “proud to be a Trump Republican.”

And he’s betting that Friends of Matt Gaetz donors share that stance.

“The job that President Trump started is not finished,” Gaetz writes. “There is still much of the Swamp to be drained at every level of our government. And that’s why Trump 2024 is so necessary — I’m ready to support him and once again be President Trump’s #1 DEFENDER IN CONGRESS!”

As Trump deigns to “step back into the arena and continue the political revolution that began the moment he rode down that golden escalator,” Gaetz urges his email list to “SPEAK UP AND SHOW THE SWAMP WHERE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE STAND!!!”

Gaetz mentions Trump’s greatest enemies, contending “Paul Ryan and the Establishment RINOs are already lining up to stop Trump 2024.”

“They’re too blinded by their love of power and money to see the reason why patriots like me and you love Trump in the first place — he KEPT his promises!”

Gaetz’s email comes in the wake of a Trump speech Tuesday night in Mar-a-Lago launching the 2024 effort, even as many Republicans question the timing amid a Georgia runoff election that has exposed fault lines in the GOP Senate and larger party itself.

Trump’s early declaration of his active candidacy seemed timed to clear the field, as Gov. Ron DeSantis appears to be emerging as more of a favorite with each passing news cycle.

Gaetz and Trump were two of DeSantis’ staunchest backers during his first gubernatorial campaign, one that saw skepticism in both the Primary and General Election. But in terms of 2024, Gaetz clearly has picked a side.

“Only Trump can be trusted to enact the ‘America First’ agenda he ran on in 2016,” Gaetz wrote earlier this month on the Daily Caller website. “We won’t accept any imitation.”

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