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“Meme Man” refers to a poorly made 3D head which functions as the mascot of the Facebook page “Special meme fresh.” The head is frequently used in absurd edits, surreal memes and shitposting.


According to Special meme fresh’s post on Know Your Meme,[1] the 3D model of the head originates from “a wonky attempt at a human head posted on 4chan’s 3DCG board long ago.” The image was later adapted to be their profile mascot, first appearing in their profile photo on April 9th.[2]


On March 4th, 2016 a photo of meme man accompanied by a parody of UKIP‘s Pledge To Britain was posted to /r/Braveryjerk.[3] As of almost a week later, the post has over 100 points (99% upvoted). A post to Tumblr of the character photoshopped to be looking at the word meme was posted on November 3rd, 2015. The post has gained over 40 thousand notes.[4]

UKIP's PLEDGE TO BRITAIN: .1 l egalise you can have as mnany memes as you want dude i dont have a problem with it FUCK anime national anthem replaced by sick 2-hour DNB mix with the queen as MC memes build a giant thruster to steer the earth into the sun BELIEVE in BRITAIN UKIP United Kingdom face text purple nose head chin forehead when you hear a frickin meme rippling in the breeze just outuside your field of vision but it doesn't sound inte resting enough to move your entire head so you just swivel you'qre facial features around ine of sigth meme face nose facial expression chin cheek forehead eyebrow jaw head ear mouth

Various Examples

art painting water modern art portrait organism when you see a meme Hi face text nose forehead head font cheek This iS meme man Meme man is a conduit through which tortured souls may channe l their rage and misery into something more Meme man is an entity which resides in the unspace between this wor ld and the next, trapped within twisting prisms of metaconcepts each more complex than the last, of which we may catch only a glimpse Meme man is a poor ly model led 3-D head that I saved from 4chan three and a half years ago and utilized on a whim as the mascot for my wackyronic meme page Do whatever you like face text nose head human behavior font line neck face head organism

WHO WIN? meme with a sword sword with a meme Care G codeine linctus (200ml) nose it is time to open these jifts beneath the christmas spike hcristmas.. yes OBLITERATION THANK YOU fSpecial meme fresh cartoon

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