Mike Postle is facing a $10 million lawsuit for allegedly cheating during Stones Live streams, forcing the low-stakes pro to lawyer up. To fight back against the potential legal damage, his attorney might have already released a planned defense strategy.

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Mike Postle might already have a defense against cheating. (Image: lowlawfirm.com)

William Portanova, Postle’s attorney, appears to have minimal understanding of modern poker strategy. Either that or he’s playing clueless as a way to set up his client’s defense.

Postle was accused of cheating by Veronica Brill, a commentator and regular player on Stones Live. The whistleblower claims she questioned Postle’s play to Stones poker director Justin Kuraitis but was assured he wasn’t cheating. But that answer wasn’t satisfactory so she went public and poker is now dealing with one of its biggest known cheating scandals in history.

Lawyer for Mike Postle Plays Dumb

With Mike Postle facing his share of a $10 million lawsuit, attorney William J. Portanova was hired to help set up a defense against the cheating accusations. And it appears that his strategy might be to act clueless about gambling.

“I guess he wins a lot of hands of poker. I don’t gamble, because that’s how many hands I lose. But we don’t know what the facts are. I can just say this: When I play poker I lose almost every hand, so I know such streaks are possible,” Portanova sad.

Poker is a small niche within the gambling community, and an even smaller demographic compared to society as a whole. So, that means the average juror likely won’t have an advanced understanding of GTO and poker in general. That’s good for the defense if Brill’s attorney, Mac VerStandig, is unable to prove Mike Postle used a physical device to cheat.

Without proof of a physical device, most of the evidence is circumstantial. That means VerStandig’s team may have to require heavily on proving Postle couldn’t have possibly made so many consecutive correct decisions based on game theory unless he was cheating. But it may not be easy to explain game theory to a jury of random citizens, most of whom likely couldn’t decipher a royal flush from a royal wedding.

Based on Portanova’s statement, it’s clear his goal is to convince the jury that if a gambler can hit a cold streak, they can also go on a hot streak. And that, apparently, explains Postle’s incredible run on Stones Live streams, according to his attorney.

But, as many top pros have noted on Twitter, it’s much easier to go on a losing streak than a winning streak. So, we’ll see how that defense strategy works out for Mike Postle.


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