This video illustrates de manufacturing and the traditional techniques in MO-OW production.

A special thanks for the great musician Domingos Alves, who composed the music specially for this video.
Music copyright Domingos Alves music ® 2015


At MO-OW we intersect the richness of creative disciplines and of different generations to create unique pieces of contemporary furniture.
The first crossover happens in the creative process. Through our experience in architecture, with simple lines and minimalistic design, we envision each piece of furniture as a habitable space.
In the process of manufacturing, our modern creativity is then interlaced with the most precise and traditional woodworking techniques. Our furniture is handmade by craftsmen in a small centennial factory, one of the few remaining places where time serves quality and attention to detail.
The final outcome is a multidisciplinary product that is 100% portuguese, exuding modernity and tradition.
MO-OW design is a furniture brand, developed by architects ângela frias and gonçalo dias.

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