The digestive system is a very special system that is central to your health and quality of life. Your intestines extend from the stomach to the anus it has three main parts the duodenum, the jejunum and the ileum. Some digestion occurs in the stomach but more bile and digestive enzymes are then secreted in the duodenum. The partly digested foods then passes through the system while glands in the walls of the intestines produce mucus and secrete enzymes to process and digest them more. The blood vessel in the intestinal wall absorb the nutrients from the foods and then carry them to the liver. From the liver the processed nutrients are then sent to the rest of your body. The undigested food in your intestines is then passed out of the body to complete the process. This is a short essay of the digestive systems awesome process to make you healthy from your digested foods. When you take this into consideration you will notice that a healthy liver and intestinal tract directly affects your health. You will also notice after you begin to detox and eat healthy that your quality of life improves. The clean intestinal tract will absorb nutrition better and will improve your health as a result of detox. The benefit of your good health makes detox worth it with no other reasons required. There are many foods that sweep out the intestine some are oatmeal, bran, fruit, vegetables and other foods containing fiber. When you start a detox program you need to check the items that are required to buy for it. Then consider what you will need to obtain to plan your diet based on the detox plans requirements. Whenever possible always shop your local area for fresh products. Shopping locally improves the health of your local economy and that is fundamental for your areas health and quality of life as well as your own. Your dedication to your goal is important for you to succeed in carrying it out. If you do it thirty or more days you will begin to make it a habit. To make a habit of healthy lifestyle choices is very wise indeed.

To sweep your colon include foods like beans, peas, brussels sprouts, salads, cabbage, bran and whole grain breads. When you increase your fiber intake you should increase your water intake. The reason is that fiber absorbs liquids during digestion thus you will need more water. The use of whole grain breads will add more wholesome fiber to your diet. To be sure you must read the label to make certain it is whole grain bread. The use of a bran supplement is also a plus when weighing in on the fiber in your diet. When you consider that fiber will sweep out the intestines and aid in more regular bowel movements a health bonus in itself. The fiber will even absorb some of the fats and oils from the intestines during digestion and that is a big plus.

The next time you shop plan on incorporating fiber in your diet with foods like farina, oatmeal, lentils, chick peas, barley, cereal mixes, mixed white and brown rice and granola. these foods and detox products will increase your fiber, clean your system and improve your life.

Source by Tommy Johns