Hi r/woodworking, I just got started into DIY so bear with me here…

I got a secondhand Ryobi circular saw and I put a 7 1/4″ 60 tooth Diablo on it. My thought process is, I’ll go slow with the finer tooth blade and hopefully have a cleaner cut right?

So I was cutting some laminate for a small project and noticed that I am getting some 1/16-1/8″ drift to the right, even when I line up the guide along the line for both the beginning and end of the cut. Noticeable on both crosscutting and ripping lengthwise. I realized there is a bit of flex play to the blade that I wonder could be causing this issue? Is this normal for these thinner finish blades?

Since guide is on the left, is tracking it on one side creating a lopsided cut because I might be lifting the right side? I’m holding it as flat and to the edge as possible! Should I build a long double sided sled/track to help eliminate this issue?

Also, would a 6 1/2″ saw be preferred for this very aspect of blade flex?

Thanks so much!

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