North Haven Animal Shelter is ‘Sinking like the Titanic’ – NBC Connecticut

With more and more animals being surrendered to them daily, the Animal Haven in North Haven said they’re having trouble keeping up with so many mouths to feed.

“We are almost out of food. We’ve been going through it so quickly,” Michelle DeRosa with The Animal Haven said.

She added that animals are getting dropped off constantly – some are animal abuse cases, others are simply abandoned.

Either way, she said people aren’t being held accountable for giving up on their responsibilities.

“I mean, the COVID excuse is getting pretty old. I know it’s been done a million times. However, I believe that there’s not enough consequences to anything,” DeRosa said.

The shelter took to their Facebook page over the weekend to ask the public for help, writing: ‘We are truly sinking like the Titanic…”

They even sent NBC Connecticut pictures of their shelves practically empty.

“And so therefore, we are asking the public because they’ve been so generous before, you know to if they can send any donations like wet dog food, wet cat food supplies, cat toys,” DeRosa said.

There’s another way you can help, too.

If you think you are ready to adopt and take on the responsibility of caring for another life, the shelter wants to hear from you.

“We have to do what’s right for the animals because that is our complete plan for them,” DeRosa said. For a full list of what the shelter needs, click here.

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