Australian Design Centre presents “Obsessed: Compelled to make” an exhibition exploring the preoccupations that drive the creative process, providing an insight into the working practices of fourteen artists from across Australia. Moving beyond the finished work, this project tells the hidden stories of making, uncovering the artists’ inspirations, day-to-day studio experiences, years of expertise and the joys and frustrations of obsession.

Laura McCusker is a furniture designer and maker who is never happier than when she’s in her workshop, transforming rough timber into beautifully finished furniture pieces. Working from a converted apple-packing shed in Hobart alongside her husband, she has embraced the beauty of local timbers like Mountain Ash and Stringybark, crafting works that hold a deep connection to place. Authenticity of materials is vital to Laura, who combines traditional woodworking skills learnt at Sturt School for Wood in New South Wales with contemporary cutting-edge design.

Filmmaker and photography: Angus Lee Forbes

Obsessed: Compelled to make was researched and developed under a Visions of Australia research grant and is ADC’s major national touring exhibition for 2018-2021 with the tour also supported by the Federal Government’s Visions of Australia program.

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