An online poker player shared a video on Twitter that apparently shows a glitch on during an all-in pot he played. The player wasn’t properly awarded the correct amount of chips following the hand. He is, understandably, upset with the outcome and dissatisfied with customer service.

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Was “jetsfan14” cheated out of chips? (Image: Twitter)

As of Monday morning, 14 hours following the complaint, hadn’t responded. It’s likely the poker site is taking its time investigating the claim.

Was He Cheated?

Jon Borenstein, who plays under the moniker “jetsfan14” on, shared a video on Twitter of a hand he played during a Sunday tournament. In the video, it appears he was short-changed chips after losing the hand to a smaller stack.

With the blinds at 2,000/4,000 and Borenstein in the big blind, small stack “XcrazylegsX” moves all-in with K-3 for barely enough to cover the big blind. The small blind then makes a real raise to 16,000 and Borenstein, who began the hand with 175,000, three-bets it to just over 44,000 with A-9, forcing the small blind out of the pot.

That leaves “XcrazylegsX” and “jetsfan14” battling it out for the side pot. The small stack paired up and took down the side pot and then Borenstein should have scooped the main pot. However, it appears from the video that a glitch may have changed how many chips were returned to each player.

Each of the nine players at the table paid a 500-chip ante for a total of 4,500. Add to that the 2,000 small blind, 4,000 big blind, and the pre-flop pot was at 10,500 before any action took place.

“XcrazylegsX” moved all-in for 4,346 and both blinds contributed that amount to the main pot, which should have been at 17,538. The side pot between the blinds should have been at 23,304 (16,000 – 4,348)*(2). Thus, Borenstein should have had more chips following the hand than at the start despite losing to the all-in player.

Was it a Glitch?

Simple math isn’t difficult. It’s clear “jetsfan14” should have finished the hand with more chips than at the beginning. But that isn’t what transpired.

Borenstein went from 175,252 to 170,906 as the side pot was miscalculated. How that happened is anyone’s guess at this point. The player who lost the hand mentioned on Twitter he filed a complain with but hadn’t received a response more than 14 hours after sending the email.

It’s likely the online poker site is meticulously investigating the issue to ensure their response is fair. But Borenstein expressed frustration on social media at the delay.

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