The City of Boulder’s Parks and Recreation Department has lifted seasonal closures that protect nesting raptors and grassland songbirds near the Boulder Reservoir.

City wildlife closures implemented earlier this year helped to protect sensitive wildlife habitats that comprise some of the best areas in the county for nesting birds of prey.

This wildlife protection effort helped local birds of prey to produce a high number of fledglings in 2019, including eight Northern harriers. This year, approximately 30 volunteers logged more than 470 hours, monitoring nesting sites to provide important information that helps the city better manage its wildlife habitat.

Parks and Recreation lifted these seasonal raptor closures surrounding Boulder:

  • Dry Creek East, northwest corner of the Boulder Reservoir, east of 51st Street. 
  • Little Dry Creek East, southwest corner of the Boulder Reservoir, east of 51st Street. 
  • Little Dry Creek West, west of 51st Street between the Boulder Reservoir entrance and the Eagle Trailhead.
  • Coot Lake wetland, immediately west of Coot Lake. 

All designated trails around the closure areas remained open during these closures, creating opportunities for the community to possibly view the bird species. The department’s efforts to protect raptor and grassland bird nest sites rely heavily on the public’s cooperation and the city thanks visitors for respecting the closure areas.

Published: Sept. 6, 2019

Media Contacts:

Denise White, Parks and Recreation, 303-413-7258
Bryan Rachal, Deputy Director of Communication, 303-441-3155 


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