Peter Danko – you may know the name, but how much do you really know about Peter Danko the artist, designer, inventor? How does he cultivate the magic in mundane materials? Danko pushes the boundaries of beauty with his sustainable design ethic that often includes recycled materials in innovative ways. His work has been featured at the Smithsonian, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and MOMA to name a few.

Peter Danko Designs partnered with Diemo Video to create this insightful and touching look into what drives the boundless love of beauty into passionate designs for everyday use. Beauty is a becoming, and Peter strives to reach this in everything he does.

Peter Danko is an award-winning designer, inventor, and master craftsman. His personal challenge is to make beautiful objects with materials that Obviously Manifest Green (OMG). He believes it is the job of architects and designers to incorporate OMG materials to move people to create a more environmentally balanced world.

Danko chairs, benches, tables, and kitchens can be seen worldwide in universities, libraries, restaurants, museums, and homes. Most well-known for his chairs, Peter is an accomplished artist with a passion for figure drawing, which he teaches regularly. He moved to York, PA, in 1995 and has been calling York City has home since then. He is an avid supporter of the arts and local businesses, and can be seen often about town sketching musicians while taking in a show.

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