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High quality, custom made, hand crafted Elm Dining Table

This table was made by Poised Fine Woodworking Guild, based in Moscow, Idaho, USA.

It is made from rare Elm tree wood. Watch the video to learn more about the history of the table.

Poised Offers…Inspired design work and beautiful craftsmanship blended to produce functional works of art.
Poised Protects…It is our aim to provide furniture made from reclaimed wood, utilized with the greatest respect for the beauty that nature has provided. Every piece of wood can be traced to the ground that produced it, or the source of its original use.

Poised Invites…Be our guest to view the beauty and function of furniture created by artisans who are proud to display the work of their hands. Visit our showroom and if you don’t find the piece of your dreams, one of our designers will provide a free custom consultation.

Poised Strives…Our intention is to excel ever more, to lead a quiet life, attend to our business and work with our hands.

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