SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – Four firefighters are, no doubt, grateful to be alive after a harrowing night in Sarasota. A four-alarm fire burned for hours Saturday night, triggering a massive response from multiple agencies to assist.

Sarasota Fire Rescue was one of the agencies involved as countless crews responded to a raging fire at 3946 Country View Drive in Sarasota.

Neighbors report an explosion, then the home burst into massive flames, burning out of control. As firefighters began to arrive, it was clear that this inferno would require a carefully crafted strategy to fight the blaze.

Minute by minute, the home was being devoured by thick, growing flames.

According to Sarasota Fire Rescue, multiple additions to the home made the fire even more difficult to extinguish since numerous rood levels provided obstacles.

At one point, it was so dangerous that one firefighter fell through the roof. In addition, three other firefighters were rushed to the hospital for heat-related issues.

One witness recalled watching the firefighters make their way to the top of the structure. “The whole top of that roof was on fire and they had the firetruck with the big boom on it,” the man explained, describing the firefighter in action. “He was up there as far as that palm tree is shooting at it for hours.”

Luckily, the family inside at the time, was about to get out safely.

Updates on the firefighters’ conditions were released on Sunday. Neighbors and witnesses alike were relieved to hear good news regarding those who risked their lives for hours Saturday night.

Miraculously, the firefighter who fell through the roof did not suffer any injuries. The three other firefighters treated for heat-related issues were released from the hospital.

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