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Five years ago, I scored a batch of fresh green or wet cherry wood. One block looked very promising – it was a crotch with some beautiful crotch figure. I mounted it and started to turn it. I was shaping the exterior when a large piece separated and conked me in the forehead. I hit the floor; wood hit the cieling; and the lathe started dancing across the floor. I managed to turn off the lathe and collect my wits.

The piece that flew off weighed 10 to 15 pounds. Turns out, there was a very deep bark inclusion. The wood separated along that bark line.

Fortunately, I was wearing my full face shield. The face shield absorbed most of the force. I suffered only a compression bruise right in the middle of the forehead. Without the faceshield, I would have been seriously injured.

This apricot wood is from the same tree, the same trunk. When I see apricot, I cannot help thinking of that day at my lathe. My own Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

I rough turned this block of cherry wood about at that same time. Then, weighed it at 669 grams and painted it with green wood sealer. For a long time, I stored it in a kraft paper sack. Later, it migrated to an open shelf.

In real time, I decided to finally finish the bowl. It had lost 32% of its original weight and distorted somewhat. I sanded off the peaks on the rim, pressed the bowl against a wood faceplate to trim the tenon. Then went on to finish the bowl with walnut oil. It is seven inches diameter and 2 inches high.

Good turning.

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Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used by permission.

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