‘Ripple solves the problem of making global commerce more efficient’ – AMBCrypto

With Ripple taking the lead in the field of innovation, the company’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has been featuring in a series of interviews lately to clarify Ripple’s position in the market and its intentions with XRP. In a podcast with Anthony Pompliano, Garlinghouse said that his decision to join Ripple was mainly driven by the business’s potential to make an impact on people’s lives. Taking the discussion deeper, he added,

“What thing’s missing in the crypto ecosystem is really a customer fixation. These are profound technologies that I think can impact lots of industries in lots of ways.”

Moreover, Garlinghouse stressed upon the famous Silicon Valley saying, “are you a technology in search of a problem or a problem in search of a technology,” adding that Ripple has always remained clear about the problems it needs to tackle and how to apply the technology in order to achieve the same.

The entrepreneur stated that while Ripple has been working on numerous projects in tandem, the company is now evolving into “on-demand liquidity” which leverages pre-funding mechanism to complete cross-border transactions in a way that is “much more efficient and quicker than the current system.” While the process is powered by xCurrent, xRapid is enabling a similarly efficient payments landscape without the need for pre-funding in order to eliminate the blind trust factor. Reiterating Ripple’s business goal, Garlinghouse said,

“We make global commerce more efficient by making payments more efficient. If we can do that at scale, we can make the whole economy more successful.”

Arijit Sarkar

Arijit is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto, who focuses on the XRP and Ethereum ecosystem. Leveraging over three years of experience in media and Majoring in Computer Science, he covers the technical developments in the crypto ecosystem

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