If you’re looking for a new cryptocurrency to buy as a Bitcoin investor, your attention may be turned towards XRP and XLM, two of the worlds biggest cryptocurrencies and two projects that take a very different approach to the traditional cryptocurrency model as displayed by Bitcoin. If this is the case, how do you know which to buy? Which will give you the biggest return and above all, which remittance project will go the furthest?

Remember, you can buy both, so why not split your budget across the two? XRP and XLM aren’t direct rivals, they do have two different agendas, however the aim of both projects is to provide a better environment for remittance payments. Both XRP and XLM make regular cross border payments cheaper and far more efficient, meaning they both have an incredible use value that often gives XRP and XLM the edge over more traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.


So, which do you buy? Well that is up to you. I would first of all suggest reading up on both projects a little further to see which aspects you like in order to decide which aspects will take each project the furthest in the future. Moreover, you want to look at these projects as investments, which crypto will give you the biggest return on your investment? That’s the aim of your game right? We can’t tell which will surge first, XRP or XLM, though we are almost certain that a huge surge will occur within the project that see’s mainstream adoption first. This can be achieved by partnerships and new roll outs that aim to make cryptocurrency more normalised. Without telling you to invest in XRP (we can’t do that), you should bear in mind that Ripple, the company behind XRP are already well ahead of XLM in this respect. They have been partnered with major banking firms such as Santander for over a year now, so with that in mind we would naturally expect Ripple XRP to see total mainstream adoption sooner, rather than later.

The important thing to remember is that no matter what you decide to do, you should always remember to trade safely and only invest sums of money that you can afford to lose. Investing in XRP and XLM is always going to be risky, therefore do your research and keep your mind clear, don’t be fooled by scams and don’t get too excited when investing. Work in small amounts and eventually your portfolio will thank you for it.

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