Sex toys were sold by drag queens at the event.

Republican officials in Sarasota are expressing outrage that sex toys were publicly sold at Venice Pride.

Jack Brill, acting Chair of the Republican Party of Sarasota County, said if the Pride celebration claims to be a family-friendly event, there shouldn’t be booths with thong-wearing drag queens hocking such merchandise.

“An outrageous and unacceptable display went on Sunday at the Venice Pride Festival that requires a full investigation. A display of rainbow colored dildos were for sale at a sidewalk booth with children walking by, while a pair of drag queens in thongs, tutus and spike heels danced lasciviously in front of the gazebo in Centennial Park,” Brill said.

While similar goods can be found in any mall with a Spencer’s, Brill said this was a matter of public concern because booths were found at a community event held on public property.

“This was done on Venice city property with a Venice city permit approved by staff and promoted on the Venice government website. All of this is wildly unacceptable,” Brill said. “We are demanding a full investigation be launched into this affront to our children and our community. We need to know who approved it and who oversaw such a travesty.”

The outrage comes on the heels of similar controversy around Pride events and drag queen story hours around the state.

Florida Politics has reached out to LGBTQ Social Movement, the organizers of Venice Pride, for comment.

“The Republican Party of Sarasota County will not stand by while our children’s innocence is violated,” Brill said.

“Just as we committed unparalleled resources to elect School Board members in August who will protect our children in the schools, so we will fight to protect them at every point in our communities. We know our Republican Venice City Council Members will take the lead and require this investigation be untaken immediately and a pause be placed on future permits for these groups until it is completed. There must be accountability to ensure this cannot happen again.”

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