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Even if you aren’t an avid fan of tennis, you likely know who Serena Williams is. Her sister, Venus Williams, has also done quite well in the sport. She was born September 26, 1981. She is currently ranked #1 for women’s single tennis player. Her career has had plenty of highs and lows. Her first title was in 2002 and she continues to go strong today with no retirement plans in sight.

She has won four gold medals in the Olympic Games. She is the youngest of five girls and she began playing tennis when she was only four years old. When she was nine the decision was made to move the family to West Palm Beach. While the girls were coached by their parents, additional coaching by Rick Macci could be offered at the new location.

Yet there were disagreements. Williams’s parents always felt that Serena and Venus should practice and enjoy the game but also be able to enjoy other aspects of a normal life for young girls. Macci wanted them to focus only on tennis. The family wanted the girls to focus on school work. There were also some racial issues as white girls at the camp where often overhead making fun of the two black girls. The parents made the decision to go back to coaching them on their own and on their terms.

Many believe that Williams offers the best serve in the history of woman’s tennis. She has a very powerful serve and it is consistent which often gives her the upper hand in her matches. She is mentally tough to play against and the critics have also raved about how well she does under pressure and coming back from tough scenarios in the game.

From 2004 until 2007, Williams had some issues with injuries that prevented her from playing the game. She also underwent treatment for depression which she says was linked to not being able to enjoy the game of tennis like she used to. She was able to comeback very strong both physically and mentally to the game of tennis.

The fact that Serena and Venus Williams often have to play professional matches against each other always makes for great media attention. The two girls are very competitive but also very supportive. They feel that playing against each other continues to challenge them to grow personally and professionally. Both say there isn’t anyone else they would rather win against or lose to!

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