Megan Leigh/Instagram

One, two, three: Awww.

A service dog seen cuddling up to Donald Duck at Walt Disney World is all you need to get your week started on the right note.

A YouTube video posted on Friday shows a golden retriever resting its head on a Disney World cast member dressed up as Donald Duck in Mexican attire.

The dog briefly closes its eyes on the shawl-like blanket, or sarape, Donald is wearing. We have to admit it looks pretty comfy.

The dog’s handler, Megan Leigh, told Yahoo that her service dog, Nala, is a park regular.

Leigh, who has high-functioning autism, says she trained Nala herself to assist her in dealing with open spaces and large numbers of people.

“One of her most useful tasks is called crowd control,” the Orlando woman told the website, “which is when she circles me in crowded areas to help keep a gap of space.”

See more of the furry helper’’s adventures on her Instagram, #helperdognala.

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