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Recent EPT winner Simon Brandstrom has become the latest World Poker Tour (WPT) champion after leading from pillar-to-post in the UK main event.

Simon Brandstrom WPT UK

Simon Brandstrom claims a second major title in as many months after winning the WPT UK main event. (Image: WPT/Flickr/Tomas Stacha)

Entering the final day inside Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn as chip leader, Brandstrom was in control from the start.

Having already seen off 681 players, the final nine were guaranteed at $36,000. However, with each entrant putting up $3,300 to play, those that made Day 3 on October 6 were most interested in the $330,000 top prize.

Brandstrom Continues Momentum at WPT UK

For Brandstrom, winning that cash and a WPT UK title was possible but by no means a formality. With German hotshot Manig Loeser and British veteran Paul Jackson in the mix, victory wouldn’t come easy.

However, with a victory at EPT Barcelona in September only adding to his confidence, it wasn’t long before the Swede got to work.

With Jackson’s stack fading fast, he took his chance to get back into contention with A2. Despite the relative strength of his hand, the Englishman was in trouble against Brandstrom’s AQ.

A queen on the flop virtually ended the hand before a blank turn and river set Jackson home in ninth.

With the deadlock broken, Leo Worthington-Leese and Loeser fell before Paul Siddle and Maria Lampropulos dropped in quick succession.

That series of eliminations forced the final four to put the brakes on. As caution took hold, 60 hands passed before Ryan Mandara picked off Matthew Eardley with A9.

Swedish Pro Dashes Local Hopes

Three-handed play didn’t last for long as Mandara continued his hot streak. This time he used pocket sevens to oust James Rann and his A2.

Heads-up, Mandara had the momentum but it was Brandstrom who started best. Seizing the early pots, the Swedish pro gradually got a hold over his opponent.

Eventually, the end came after just six hands. After semi-bluffing the flop and turn with JT, Mandara pushed all-in on the river.

With the board showing 9734K, Brandstrom took a few seconds to think before calling with 97.

WPT UK Main Event Result

  1. Simon Brandstrom – $330,000
  2. Ryan Mandara – $221,650
  3. James Rann – $168,500
  4. Matthew Eardley – $128,500
  5. Maria Lampropulos – $98,500
  6. Paul Siddle – $76,000
  7. Manig Loeser – $58,500
  8. Leo Worthington-Leese – $46,000
  9. Paul Jackson – $36,000

Two pair was more than enough to top Mandara’s bluff and earn Brandstrom the WPT UK title and a $330,000 payday.

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