Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation can be practiced just about anywhere and can help you to clear your mind, refocus, and de-stress in minutes. As its name suggests, Mindfulness Meditation focuses on being mindful and aware of the present. Take a few moments to steady the flow of your breath and bring awareness to your senses. Try to prevent your mind from wandering from the present moment. Though it sounds easy enough, you may find that it’s surprisingly difficult to focus on the present without your mind becoming distracted!

Set aside a few moments each day for Mindfulness Meditation, and you’ll likely find that the benefits of meditation – such as a relaxed and focused mind – become easier to achieve with regular practice.

Practice Yoga

Practicing yoga doesn’t require a gym membership or yoga mat – in fact, there are a number of Yoga poses that you can perform in minutes no matter your location. Try one of the yoga poses printed on the side of your Yogi tea carton to bring awareness to your body and mind

Deep Breathing

One of the most simple ways to begin a meditative practice is through Deep Breathing. Find a quiet, comfortable space, and spend a few minutes taking deep, slow breaths in and out through your nostrils. Try to keep your mind focused on the flow of your breath, rather than internal or external distractions.

Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Another great way to de-stress and re-center? Drinking a cup of tea! Taking the time to prepare and enjoy a warm cup of tea can help you to slow down and bring awareness to your senses. Similar to the practice of Mindfulness Meditation, taking note of your senses – what does the tea taste like? How about its aroma? – encourages you to be more aware of your body and mind, and present in the current moment. Yogi Sleep & Stress Relief are a great choice if you’re looking to unwind or distress; while Yogi Energy teas make for a refreshing and delicious pick-me-up any time of the day.

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