Local Longboard Company is a skater and woodworking craftsman developed longboard and skateboard company located in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Our mission is simple: To design, manufacture and distribute high-quality limited edition skateboards and longboards to enthusiasts and skaters in the Tampa Bay Area and throughout Florida. Our online retail location not only provides competitive priced equipment and apparel from reputable national and international companies, but also emphasizes the importance of maintaining small business and showcasing local manufacturers who can only produce in limited quantities. By doing so, we hope to positively promote supporting local economies and community growth.

Central Florida has some of the most sought after and exotic species of wood in the world. The use of reclaimed lumbers (in part or whole) collected responsibly from local resources including brush dumps, city tree removal services and private companies, are used in some of the Local Longboard Company decks. As woodworkers, we proudly present to our customers these unique finds in fully functional longboards and skateboards.

This initiative is considered to be a community effort. We take great pride in this place we call home and are passionate about longboards, skateboards, and the established and emerging cultures. Support your local community and stay engaged. Start by visiting the skate shop nearest you.

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