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PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – This story will surely tickle your funny bone!

A Wesley Chapel family is gaining attention for their Halloween tricks. They change their Halloween display every day throughout the month of October.

“I put one display up and it offered me so much joy. It felt like a tradition I had done my entire life,” said Bob Jarabek.

On Jarabek’s Wesley Chapel lawn, you’ll find skeletons having fun and causing mischief, just like the living.

Jarabek tells 8 On Your Side the skeleton displays are creeping into their third year.

“We really get to meet our neighbors. It’s an unbelievable experience,” he said.

Prior to the decorative ghouls on the lawn, Jarabek and his husband Will owned a chain of Dunkin Donuts. That’s where the couple’s Halloween obsession began.

“I would go crazy with the Halloween displays at the stores and I would hook up decorations to fishing lines with hooks to the ceiling so when customers would come in, the ghosts and goblins would move up and down,” said Jarabek.

So what will tomorrow’s display be? 

Jarabek says the trick is to keep each display a secret so every day of October is a treat.

“Everything resets at 8:30 p.m. Will and I open the garage door and then we get creative and we figure out what it’s going to be for the day.” 


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