While watching a rerun of Star Trek Next Generation, I saw an alien probe with an interesting shape. After the episode, I just had to go back and look at that probe again. My thought – can I make a woodturning that looks like that?

My probe is about 13 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. Each cone is about 6 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter. Each cone is a perfect cone. The probe is finished with lacquer.

The cones mount to a center piece about 4 plus inches in diameter and 1 inch thick. I made a drilling and mounting template in Powerpoint to guide drilling each mortise. To avoid a more difficult layout, each mortise was drilled from the same side and entirely through the section.

To cover the opposite side of the mortise from the cone, I turned little medallions from padauk on my Infinite Axis Chuck. Each medallion has two or three mini features on different eccentric axes.

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Music: Traumerei by Shumann performed by Becky Schlappi. Used by permission.

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