Medical and retail marijuana produced by Lafayette-based Herbal Wellness LLC has been identified for potentially unsafe levels of microbial contamination, which prompted the Colorado Department of Revenue, in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, on Friday to issue a health and safety advisory.

When marijuana is found to have levels of microbial contaminants above the acceptable limits established by the state Marijuana Enforcement Division rules, the health and revenue departments deem it a threat to public health and safety, according a Friday news release.

The Department of Revenue also has identified harvest batches of medical marijuana and retail marijuana produced by Herbal Wellness LLC that were not tested in accordance with Marijuana Enforcement Division rules, according to according to the release.

People who have purchased marijuana are being advised to check the label on the  container for the license number business that cultivated the marijuana, as well as the harvest batch number assigned to the marijuana. A list of contaminated and untested harvest batch numbers can be found here.

Customers who have affected products are advised to  return them to the retail store from which they were purchased so they can be properly disposed of, the news release stated.

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