Adam Cornish specialises in turning contemporary forms from highly figured native timber which incorporate mixed media.

His signature work involves re crafting etched metal from decommissioned rifles and blending them with the wooden form to create handled vessels. These simple forms are finished exquisitely and he aspires to bring the concept of ‘Wabi-Sabi’ to each – embracing the imperfections in the timber to enhance the piece. These features can be caused by erosion, exposure, fungi, insect attack, lightening, rot or die back to name but a few.

Forget the perfect wave – He is eternally searching for ‘That special piece of wood’ and every time he finds it he gets the joy of discovering what is hidden beneath – then the journey begins again. So much energy is invested in locating the wood, selecting the right gun metal and then crafting them into a cohesive piece that a unique story is created – this is passed on to the client.

Adam combines cutting edge and historic techniques; a modern lathe is central to his work but he often falls back on one grandfather’s woodworking hand tools or the other’s anvil. He is lucky to be a third generation woodworker and utilise the knowledge they passed on every day. Adam’s work continues to evolve and now includes gilding, acrylic paint and pyrography – But at its heart it will always contain simple sculptural forms, which are well finished and embrace the natural beauty of the wood.

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