This is older iPhone footage from August: evidence that wood is still being burnt & smoke emitted by Woodwork & vented onto the common property of the condo-strata McLeod Building and into this residential condo-unit, the rental premises of my tenancy dispute since the owner and landlord tried to affect an eviction on 2 days after my evacuation by Edmonton Fire Rescue aka the Fire Department after devising a plan and purchasing a CO Detector that enabled me to call 911 and orchestrate my evacuation, the de-gassing of the premises and ordering Woodwork to cease operation of their wood-fire grill appliance until further notice. Hooray! I was saved! I had won! Then the inspector paid a visit 2 days later with the contractor and one of the owners – they had never actually even seen their handiwork but it wasn’t operating anyway – even the fans were off, which are powerful and force the smoke into my suite – there is no chance of drifting upward or away.

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