(CNN) — Some Target employees say they’ve seen their hours cut following a wage increase.

Two years ago, Target announced it was raising its minimum wage to $15 an hour, but some store workers say the wage increases are not helping because their schedules have been cut.

That’s making it difficult to keep their health insurance, and in some cases, to pay their bills.

CNN Business interviewed 23 current and former Target employees in recent months, including department managers.

They say hours have been scaled back even as Target has increased starting wages.

It also comes as Target enjoys its strongest market position in over a decade.

A spokesperson for Target says existing staffers are working this year, on average, “approximately the same number of hours as they were last year” and the year prior and slightly more than they were three years ago.

Target also said the company’s mix of full-time and part-time workers has remained consistent over the past few years and the percentage of existing hourly workers eligible for health insurance has remained steady.

However, Target declined to provide numbers for each of these points.


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