We have discussed the keys to enhancing weight loss and metabolism, and have explored many of the principles of what metabolism really is. Now, how do we get started? Few incredible things have happened in your life without a plan or focused effort, correct? The beauty of metabolism is that there are “tricks” that can make it much easier and much faster to begin having results and seeing a difference in your body. We need MICRO nutrients as well as macro nutrients and these come from foods, plants, and other natural sources to aid in every aspect of human health. From Adaptogens that help to balance stress and cortisol, to plants such as Green Tea that can aid in literally boosting metabolism and speeding up the rate in which macronutrients are used by the body.

Remember, there are three primary factors that influence metabolism: Macro balance, Exercise and energy expenditure, Proper hormone balance

Let’s Explore HOW we can address each of these 3 key factors and how we can get results using safe and natural methods

Macro Balance

As we have stated, it is simply the way that we consume our MACRONUTRIENTS, which are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Using the “plate look” as we described, in part 1, seems very simple, however cravings, social settings, and the mind play a very significant role in what kinds of foods that we crave and the types of foods that we ENJOY eating. We need discipline and focused effort to properly set forth on a healthy diet, but there are things that can help courtesy of those vital MICRO nutrients. The brain and how one perceives food is very important. You can enhance your ability to be disciplined and have much more efficient results by taking:

5-HTP- Helps to balance serotonin and dopamine levels aiding in carbohydrate cravings

Hypericum- Helps prevent overating due to stress, anxiety, and mild depression

Lobeline- Used for centuries for addiction and withdrawls, Lobeline helps with cravings as well

Ultimate Probiotic- A Balanced mind begins with a healthy gut. Probiotics are key to brain health.

These nutrients are safe, and do an incredible job of helping to balance brain chemistry and making weight loss MUCH easier and more productive. By helping with serotonin, dopamine, and overall mood and brain function, these ingredients have each shown incredible merit in helping others consume less bad food, more good food, and making the nutrients that we consume work FOR us rather than against us.

Exercise and Energy Expenditure

We all know that exercise is considered by many to be a four-letter word (WORK), however as we discussed, resistance exercise is not as difficult nor as time consuming as many people believe. How can we get motivated and have the energy to begin an exercise plan? There are many ways to work out, and just as many ways to make the right and wrong choices. Harmful pre workout drinks and supplements are not healthy, and will eventually create more problems for the user than if they did not take them. There ARE micronutrients that help dramatically to increase energy and metabolism and allow for the user to have enhanced and more efficient work outs. Now, these micronutrients also can work alone and are amazing even without exercise. It is my opinion and the opinion of health and wellness experts worldwide that resistance exercise is ALWAYS a good idea and a great way to maximize metabolism. Micronutrients that have been shown to be effective in burning fat and increasing energy are:

Brigham Tea Extract- A potent fat burner without the potential side effects from Ephedra Sinica.

Guarana- Contains many constituents that help with energy and focus, aiding in increasing the efficiency of work.

Capsaicin- A safe and potent fat burner that is also great for cardiac function.

EGCG (Green Tea-) Well researched for it’s ability to aid in weight loss, it also acts to enhance energy levels and increase work output.

These nutrients have an amazing ability to make the process of weight loss much faster and more efficient. They are generally regarded as safe, and these ingredients have great research supporting their efficacy.

Source by Matt St. John ND