The Carver is a narrative short, meaning it was scripted and acted, but in the style of a “maker video,” which is a very popular documentary style that explores craft and care and character. I’ve had a hand in and been inspired by many gorgeous, actual maker videos, crafted themselves by some very talented filmmakers, so this is my way of honoring those. Of course, it was also written in the only way I can, with a touch of irreverence. My thanks to all my mentors who taught me the craft.

Incidentally, the carving is for sale on Ebay and all proceeds will go towards funding my next short, “Jesus Saves.”

Written & Directed by: Thomas R. Wood
Shot by: Michael Duffy & Thomas R. Wood
Produced by: Lindsey Wood
With special help, love, support and supervision by: John & Marie Harrelson
Music by: Eluvium

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