Since April 1st, the Bitcoin price has rapidly risen from $5300 to the top at $9000, the rising rate is 220%. However, compared to the decline from the past year. The rising rate may not make up the loss from the Bitcoin holder from the past year. On December 17th, 2017, after the Bitcoin price has hit its highest point at $19798, the Bitcoin started the years downwards trend and it fell to the lowest point at $3200 December 15th, 2018. In this year, the Bitcoin price is only 16% left Compared to the highest point. It means that if the holders are going to compensate for the loss of the value of Bitcoin. They need to expand the profit rate to 625%.

Since the Bitcoin price has doubled in the past 2 months. Bitcoin holders seem to find some hope to get their lost back. Experts predict that the bitcoin market may return back to the bullish trend of 2017. However, Most of the bitcoin holder wish they can earn profits from Bitcoin market but not merely make up the loss.

Nevertheless, Most of the holder or trader suddenly realized that they do not have appropriate tools to help them increase the efficiency of profit pursuing. In the last period of the bull market. The ICO and Altcoin create the road to wealth. During that time, if the traders who invest in a successful ICO program, may have the chance to earn 100x profit in a short period. However, now the ICO and Altcoin lost their magic. Most of the traders do not believe the ICO concept anymore. As the long crypto winter now seems to finally have come to an end, and the question that many are daring to ask, “is the fast money(100x) possible once more?

The answer is yes.

The renewed uptrend of the bitcoin’s market signals the beginning of the next bull run, and indeed, certainly shows the route for anyone equipped with the right tools at the right time, to profit tremendously. I believe that the prospect of 100x profit is legitimately achievable.

In the next bull run, I believe that the Bitcoin futures product is the best tool for all crypto traders to earn tremendous profit from the market. Different from the Basic “buy low and sell high” trading strategies, Bitcoin futures product provides more trading methods and strategies to traders. More importantly, the Crypto futures product usually provides a certain rate of leverage to expand the profit.

Bitcoin futures product is basically an agreement to buy or sell a certain amount of Bitcoin assets at a specific price with leverage added. Here are some advantages of Bitcoin futures:

More methods to earn a profit.

Different from the traditional “Buy low sell high” strategies, Bitcoin futures product can help crypto traders to make a profit from both uptrend or downtrend of the market. No matter the price go up or fall down, traders can earn profit from their strategies.


The magic of the Bitcoin futures product is that they usually go with a high rate of leverage. Some Bitcoin futures platforms like Bitmex and Bexplus are two of the best popular platforms that offer leverage trading of up to 100x on BTC trades. Back to the questions above, “is the fast money(100x) possible once more?” the most precise answer is, yes, it is possible because of the Bitcoin futures product and 100x leverage.

How do Bitcoin futures product and 100x leverage expand your profit in 100 times?

Bitcoin futures product is basically open positions which are much larger than the amount being invested by using leverage. For example, to invest 100 Bitcoin long position on BTC/USD token pair with 100x leverage, The actual investment is only 1 bitcoin. At the April 2nd, the price of Bitcoin has increased by 16.9% from $4,188 up to $4,896 (approximately). The long position of 1Bitcoin would profit by 14Bitcoin if the position was closed at this higher price. The total profit rate is unbelievable 1400%. the incredible fact is this tremendous profit earned only by one day.

If we compared to the none leverage situation, the same investment of 1 Bitcoin would have only profited by 0.14 Bitcoin. As you can see, the Bitcoin futures product gives traders a chance to place significantly less of their funds, but to earn a hell lot more – up to 100x more profit.

Where should I trade the Bitcoin futures product?

As I said above Bitmex and Bexplus are two of the best popular platforms that offer leverage trading of up to 100x on BTC trades. However, there are distinct differences between these two. Bexplus is a fresher Bitcoin futures platform. Compared to Bitmex, The advantages of Bexplus are that it has higher leverage to all tokens, more friendly UI, reliable and convenient workspace, higher leverage. Trades can trade all listed crypto products with 100 times leverage in bexplus but other similar platforms only provide 50x leverage to altcoin products at the most. Last but not least, Bexplus provide a great number of benefits to their valued users. Here is some Bonus from Bexplus.

1.Earn Money & Win Presents in Lucky May

Joining Bexplus’s Lucky May activity, you will have a chance to win presents including, Pearl Necklace, Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Exquisite Watch, Proform Treadmill and etc. Not only can you make profits on BTC futures trading, but also get wonderful gifts.


2.Get 100% Free BTC Bonus

Deposit BTC in your account, you will get 100% free BTC matches your balance. You have a chance to get 10 BTC in a single time.



3.Up to 50% Invitation Referral Reward

Invite friends to register and trade in Bexplus, you can earn 10%-50% of your invitees’ each deposit instantly. It will be counted with BTC and directly credited in your account.


In conclusion

The bull market is coming, Futures products are the best tools for you to earn tremendous profits. Do not miss the chance to become a millionaire.  

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