This is a mini-documentry about the background of Graham High, a talented luthier that creates incredible works of art in the form of stringed musical instruments. Thanks for the great time planning and shooting this piece Graham!!!

This was also our first production environment to execute image acquisition with the incredibly awesome Magic Lantern 5D Mark III Raw_Rec module. Even since the shoot the module is getting improved almost daily by the team at Magic Lantern….Thanks!!!. Also the post workflow has progressed greatly with RAWanizer and 19lights Ginger HDR plugin (PC with Adobe CS6)

Camera: Canon 5D Mark III / ML Raw_Rec
Glass: Vivitar Series 1 (Bokina) 90mm f2.5 macro / Ziess ZE 28mm f2 / Ziess ZE 50mm f1.4
Card: 2x Lexar 1000x 64gb

Written by Nathan Warriner / Graham High
Directed by Nathan Warriner / Kevin Davidson
Shot by Kevin Davidson / Nathan Warriner
Audio recording by Nathan Warriner
Edit / Color / Grade / Titles by Kevin Davidson
Music: Kansas Joe McCoy – Pile Driver Blues (FPD)

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