Have you heard of white tea? If not, do not feel bad – it's probably still the least known tea variety. Green tea and oolong have become popular in recent years, because of their health benefits and usefulness for weight loss. Not many health conscious people are aware that one tea packs all the fine qualities of tea into one unassuming exterior: white tea. It can be a wonderful aid if you're trying to lose weight. Here are some of the reasons to use white tea for weight loss:

White tea burns fat. It seems a bit unnatural – this is a beverage that has negative calories! But the reason we say that white tea is calorie negative is that it contains no calories, but the body has to expend energy – burn calories – to digest and metabolize it. In other words, the more white tea you drink, the more of your excess calories your body has to burn to take care of it. That in itself is a fine reason to use white tea to lose weight, but it's just the beginning.

White tea is healthier than other teas. It is the first tea to be harvested in the spring, and it consist of the finest leaves and buds of the tea plant. The leaves and buds are simply hand picked, discharged and shipped. They are not processed, so they retain the same nutrients that they had on the bush. That means that the antioxidant content of white tea is the highest of any tea, up to three times the concentration of green tea. That is the reason why:

The health benefits of white tea are the same as for green tea, but three times stronger. Green tea in turn contains more antioxidants than other teas, which makes white tea the healthiest tea in the world. White tea may help prevent heart disease, prevent certain cancers, prevent diabetes, prevent Alzheimer's disease, and even slow down physical aging.

White tea acts as a natural appetite suppressant. While you're drinking white tea, the body does not crave sweet and unhealthy foods. It can be a good idea to sip on a cup of white tea through your day, to keep the hunger pangs at arm's length. But it's important to be aware that an hour or two after you finish your last cup of the day, the hunger will return.

White tea contains less caffeine than other teas, and much less than coffee, so you can drink a lot more white tea every day than you could of other teas without getting jittery. This is actually the secret why white tea is effective in burning fat – if you keep your caffeine level level up all day, the body burns calories evenly for hours. It is this consistency that has the greatest effect.

When you're drinking white tea, you're not drinking something unhealthy. Drink white tea instead of sodas or calorie-rich lattes and cappuccinos, and you may well see a decreasing number on your bathroom scale with no other effort. Losing weight does not have to take much – just a slightly reduced calorie take may be enough. Of course, white tea must not be mixed with sugar or milk, or the health benefits go out the window.

But white tea tastes good, so you will not want to put anything in it in the first place. If you're used to the strong flavor of coffee or black tea, white tea may seem a little bland at first. But correctly brewed white tea has a similar, fresh, flowery taste that resembles jasmine tea, but is more elegant. It has a natural sweetness that is pretty far from the vegetable, grassy taste of green tea.

White tea does not stain the teeth. Coffee and tea contain tannic acid, which may leave stains on your teeth unless you brush or rinse the teeth immediately after drinking it. White tea also has tannic acid, but in much lower amounts than other teas. In addition, white tea is a very clear liquid that resembles a white wine, so it contains few coloring agents.

You will want to be healthy. When you drink white tea and you know that it is helping you lose weight, it would be silly to eat something unhealthy and ruin the fine benefits the tea can give. That in itself may give you the psychological incentive you need to stick to a healthy diet.

Does all this make sense to you? If it does, you may want to make white tea an everyday treat – a treat that's really healthy and that you can enjoy all day long. It will give you invaluable help in dropping those pounds – and staying healthy.

Source by Trey Winston