This practical step-by-step how to course on founding a cooperative is now available as a 2-DVD set (4 hours+) from Mighty Small Films (.com) for $35 Each step (state filings, legal entities, permits, funding, finding coop mates, business advice, meeting structure, operating agreements & by-laws, resources) is explaining by coop savvy attorneys and coop members themselves in tech, retail, food, woodworking, green house cleaning and other industries. Fun, personable & informative. The discs include a 30 minute bookkeeping crash course by Melissa Hoover of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and a Communications & Process crash course by Sassy Sassoon, veteran coop facilitator. It also contains a to-do list, as well as discussion topics designed to get your group to talk about important and sometimes sticky issues. Coops are face-to-face human endeavors., so watch these DVD’s with a group and learn together. This is also an excellent resource for community activist churches, libraries , schools (appropriate for all ages) and prison anti-recidivism programs.

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