Making money from woodworking at home is possible if you are systematic about it. Wooden decor and accessories are found in all homes. Most of these products are hand-made and hand-painted. And most of them are manufactured at factories that hire skilled wood workers. If you are yourself one such skilled craftsman, you could make money on your abilities at home. But before starting to do this, you should do appropriate and complete research first.

The first thing you need to make money from woodwork is to have definite information about what types of handcrafted wooden items are most sell-able. There are hundreds of internet sites where you can see catalogs of hand-made wooden containers, décor, tools and kitchen ware. Even from just pictures of the products, as a skilled craftsmen yourself, you should be able to identify special techniques used in making those products. For making money on wood crafts, your research should reveal what and the how of popular wooden hand-made products.

To make money on wood craft, you have to pay attention to the prices those retailers and/or wholesalers tag their products at. This information is important for you to be able to be competitive when you do start creating your wooden implements and accessories. Remember you should be making money at a lower price because you have less overhead expenses in manufacturing them. You won’t be paying salaries or renting someone else’s space for doing your woodwork.

While the internet is a good source for all the information above, you should also keep an open eye for products that are offered in craft fairs. Most of these products are small items meant to be propped up on a table or hung on a wall. These are precisely the items that you should make money on; things that can be done quickly and well enough to guarantee that you can sell enough in a day for your basic needs plus a little more.

When you already have a pretty good picture of the state of the wood craft industry in your place, you should decide, depending on your capabilities, on what type of woodwork you should be making money on. In this regard it may be advisable to list down all the wood crafting skills you have and rate them according to how well and how quickly you can produce the corresponding items.

With that done you should start out making the first samples of your work. After you have finished with the initial batch, you could put up a garage sale in your house featuring the items that you yourself crafted. Alternatively, you could attend a craft fair. Print out calling cards and give them out at these fairs.

Besides the line of items you want to specialize in, you should expect to make money from requests of other people to do this and do that for them. But above all, make sure of consistent quality in your wares; leave little if anything to be desired. Lastly, your prices should be competitive for you to be making money continuously.

Source by Daniel M Schmidt